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people are being evacuated. give us the situation for folks who are watching who live in that area. what should they be doing? >> that is correct. >> both of those streets,
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arlington terrace are being evacuated. we have fire and rescue personnel going door to door assisting with the evacuation. earlier today tes were told to move their vehicles. so they're being assisted with fire and rescue vehicles. they're being taken to a shelter located at the lee district rec center, 6601 tell low graph road near the huntington area. near that area there also is a trailer for pets so that when someone is evacuated, they are asked to bring their pets with them. and we will shelter their pets as as well as the residents. >> as bribe brian asked, we know this is an area that gets flooding. are there preparations put into place knowing that sandy was on the way. were there sandbags in place. did they not hold.
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>> i'm sure the residents had sandbags. there was a lot of communication between residents from fairfax county. we received an e-mail from the president of the association thanking us for the amount of help and out reach we provided. but the bottom line is it is in a flood plane. it is in a flood-prone area. the houses are levelly modest homes. salt of the earth folks live in that community, but it has been affected over the years by construction of the beltway and other major freeway; and as a result, when it rains hard, when we have a hurricane or weather event like we're having new, the likelihood of their experiencing flooding is very strong. >> chairman, thank you very much for your time. we help for the best of them down in huntington. >> thank you very much. stay safe. >> you too. >> there are a number of
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streets closed right now as a result of this storm and some of the damage we've seen so far, high water streets down on a number of streets from barger drive. burke lake road, high water, off of george town court. just be really careful. if you have to go out officials say stay home, stay inside. watch fox 5. we'll update you with the latest >> let's take you downstairs to see how things stand now. >> sue, i know the northeast squad rant of the storms. it gets thrown out of wac when it merge with another storm. it seems like ocean city, atlanta city, new york city are all suffering the brunt of this and expecting far worse conditions than we're seeing here. >> on two counts, brian. this is a hybrid storm, and front loaded with rain and wind on the southwest side of it.
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so they got all of that earlier. than we're getting the strong wind and surge into the areas. so it's like a two for one nightmare special. >> and the heavy snows and the cold air to the west. that could be a problem, which could cause a lot of power outages when you're getting snow piling up out there. >> and i was thinking about something you asked earlier brian, because the forward motion of the hurricane. would that shorten the window for we don't know what it will do when it comes to shore in the next 35 to 40 minutes, because there's a frontal boundary causing it to intense. that remains to be seen. the models have it somewhere north of the mason dickson line at two in the morning with 75 miles per hour winds. >> we know this as well. it's transferring into a tropical storm. the national hurricane center said at11:00 will probably be
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their last official advisory on hurricane sandy. >> sorry about that >> so i'm reading the hurricane center at the same time. >> gary, very heavy rain came through to the south. with this band we're going to spotlight for you, we heard of a ramping up of power outages down in this region. that is how this is beginning go for the next several hours. that band came through with some big wind gusts and some very heavy rain, and that's where we started hearing about a lot more outages down in that area. so what is next in the pipe loin? we have a big band coming across the chesapeake bay. you can see it from baltimore into severe that park into indianapolis. cambridge is getting -- that might have rain inside of it. >> the bigger picture. it looks like it's close to coming ashore. you see the snows back there and the cold air. we're going to see that area of snow growing over the next 6 to
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12 hours and getting stronger and stronger. as this begins to cycle through into an extra tropical storm it will get a little larger and wind year, too, believe it or not. >> some of the strong bands even back into the cleveland area coming from this thing; but waves are a huge story. one of the things we can do with our radar is show you the wave height. >> just getting higher and higher >> these are jaw dropping numbers. talk about the perfect storm. this thing is producing waves certainly well off the coast. but i actually have them closer to, gary if you want to get on in. you'll be find them off the coast. there could be 20-foot waves right off there. >> yeah. these for the jersey shore and on up to long island, these have been getting bigger today. looks like down here for delaware and maryland beaches, these seem to be, sue, staying about where they have been through the day today. >> right. >> maybe. big waves in the baby the way.
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yeah that concern is growing as the wave heights build on top of a storm surge predicted to be in the 10-foot range of new york city with landfall coming again within the hour. big wind gusts, a gust of 48 miles per hour. generally they've been sustained at 30 around area. but look at martinsburg, in the 50s, higher than we are at ocean city. ocean city has a gust to 48, salisbury 49; but we work our way up to atlanta city, and how about dover air force base at 50, atlanta city, 55, and jfk up to 67 and islip coming in with a wind. >> nobody will be disappointed if the high winds don't sever with this forecast; but as we mentioned earlier, the forecast the models have been so good with this for the last 48 hours. there's in way we're going to stand down on these high wind potentials. there's your acuweather forecast. that's just for brian bolter by
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the way. >> yes. there you go with tomorrow being improved overtoday. we'll have morning showers, and locks like for halloween not the best forecast we've ever had. that's how it goes for halloween. some years we had a snowstorm, and last year we had a halloween >> it was the weekend before. >> so close enough. >> i feel as the resident snow boarder it's my duty to warn people they hear 3 feet of snow and their immediate reaction is to wax the board, but this is the heavy wet messy kind of snow that will not be a lot of fun even if you can make it to the mountains. >> it will like the carmageddon snow, brian. what did you call it? the sierra cement. it's heavy. >> not going to be a fun scenario. i know they're excited about it at some of the resorts maybe thinking this is a good sign for the winter; but you know, we've got a long way to go in the department. we're ready for hurricane season to end now. >> definitely for sure.
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gary, sue, thank you, guys. >> all right. let's head to the coastline. sherry lee is live in ocean city right now with the latest. >> latest. >> reporter: hurricane sandy has a lot more of a powerful punch to bring us. you can see the giant waves coming in. we're seeing them crash over the sea wall once again further north along ocean city where there's not a seawall; but the sand downs, we're seeing the waves breach the sand downs. officials tell us they knew what hurricane sandy could do, and they are not surprised by the damage we are seeing around here. the biggest and most remarkle damage has been to the fishing
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pier. a 150-foot section ha collapsed into the ocean. the pylons gave way under the constant beating of the waves that have been coming in all night long, all day long. interestingly enough, they tell us that about 20 to 30 families ended up being evacuated today. i think some people did not take hurricane sandy seriously. then they started to see these powerful waves coming in, the water rising from bay, a two- prong attack from the ocean as well as the bay as the waters began to flood the streets here in this town, and people say "hey, i've got to get out of here. this is just too dangerous. emergency responders were able to get to the families get them out and get them to shelters. but at this point, what we're being told is they are responding to people on a case by case basis depending on just how dangerous this situation is. we are unable unfortunately to be able to get out into the streets right now, because a
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lot of them simply are impassable. we're at 16th street and the boardwalk here in ocean city. this is part of the mandatory evacuation zone. this is also into the area from the route 90 bridge. that have been closed down. we should mention that both of the brings into ocean city have been closed except for emergency vehicles. so you can not get in or get out. you've got to hunker downright here and ride out this storm. they're telling people that they need to really just shelter in place. they don't want people out on the roads. we've seen houses that have several feet of water around them on the bay side streets with a couple feet of water. so it's a very dangerous situation out there. the best thing you can do stay in place, stay inside. ride out this storm, and you should be able to get out in the morning to begin assessing the true damage. that's the latest live in ocean
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city. back to you. >> sherry lee, think for the latest. >> we'll take a break and leave you with live picture from the city dc in downtown annapolis right across from the city dock and the mariot as it flickers in and out. the very latest from the harbor master in annapolis says that at this hour it's not your normal high tide; but no problem at all in terms of flooder and the harbor master says the real watch hour will be tomorrow morning for flooding there at the dock. we'll take a break and be back. wspapers called it "economicallstructive." ke allen's votes to give t bre. that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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what mitt romney's tv ads say about women?
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or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. livan does glee hit-and-run does there are numerous spots that always seem to be the hardest hit. we got off the phone with the chairman. we go to annapolis, one of those places that floods on a rainy night. >> let's check in with john
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hanrahan who is live now. >> on the city dock itself, though high tide occurred just a few minutes ago at 6:01:00 p.m.. as you can see, the water water the below the dock. the wind is blowing sort of from downtown annapolis through the chesapeake bay, and i'm guessing it's pushing some of the some of the water outward. for the first high tide, we do not have a problem in annapolis. at least in downtown annapolis, there's water on some of the streets. the water is not over the docks. we had a problem in license couple, maryland, near the bwi airport. a tree dame down on temperature of a house. people were in the house, and
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first responders came there. luckily no one in the house was injured injured. trees are coming down in ann arundel county. at least there's not widespread flooding, because the wind is pushing the water away from the city. >> john let me ask you, we see folks out there walking around. is this -- do we know what's going on? locks like a number of people out there. do you think curiosity seekers, trying to see what's going on? >> that's it. they're few and far between. we haven't seen any officials out there walking. but occasionally they'll come down in their cars. most of them stay in their cars; but occasionally the well- dressed will get out and spend 5 or 8 minutes or so on the dock before getting in their cars. while the winds are steady at 25 miles per hour and there are occasional gusts up to maybe 35 or 40, it's not terribly
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dangerous right now. i don't think the people you see are in danger. they want to experience the storm. >> john, to be honest with you my wife took my kids down to the city dc and did that exact same thing and my wife is far from crazy, so i'll tell you you're right on board. she wants to see it, too. >> brian you've got to say that. >> because it's true. very true. i'm on record saying she is not crazy. >> there you go. john hanrahan reporting live. >> let's go -- take it back to the city live in northwest with a look outside. karen? >> the wind is starting to buff up a little bit out here. not that sweep you down the street blow you away wind. we've been looking around the city. we went to check out the usual suspects, places that there's normally bad flooding. the bloomingdale neighborhood for one, those folks over there are crossing their fingers right now and hoping for the
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best. in the area in and around rhode island and birch northwest, they're doing what they can to try to keep the rain out. sandbags are the logical answer, but they tried them before. this time they tried more bags and folks are trying more innovative tricks to keep the water at bay. they put up tarps, and are hoping for the best. >> we are anticipating it. >> so this will be like -- >> this will be maybe the fifth. >> it's really frustrate >> gary: and scary, because you're on pins and needles. you think the basement will flood. i hope i won't come to the first level of my house. >> reporter: we also found rock creek is starting to overflow. we discovered employees sandbagging the area around pierce mill where the creek waters were raging. parts of the park around beach
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drive were already already closed. despite the weather, we managed to encounter some folks who didn't seem to mind the encroaching storm. >> not afraid to be in the weather >> no. >> they're about to close rock creek park. >> we know >> they're telling people to go back inside. >> yeah. we're heading out. >> nonchalant about this whole thing. we haven't seen the brunt of the storm yet, but we can feel it kind of moving into the area. it's bearing right down on us. we spoke to some city officials with the public works department in d.c. and home listened security and emergency management. they were saying within the last hour or so, that they haven't seen any real problems, but they are standing by, waiting to be there at the ready, letting people know that there are shelters in place in the district if you need to get there, and better to get there sooner than later. they let us know that there's
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no city trash or recycling tomorrow or traffic enforcement. metro bus and rail no service tomorrow morning and then they'll make a decision after that. back to you, guys. >> karen, we should also let people know that most of the trash and recycling has been suspended tomorrow as well. so almost like everything else across the city tomorrow, don't expect that. >> we'll take a break and be right back. ght back.     fop     
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reports from all over the region of damage. >> we have a look at that situation there. paul? >> brian i'm at the 5000 block of nebraska avenue to give you perspective. nevada down that way, military up that way. >> there's a house to my left. it sheared off a corner of the house we are looking at the the moment. what's incredible is that the power did not go out though the tree came down on top of the
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power lines. the power stayed up. we have a power crew right here on nebraska avenue looking like they're going to start to do some work here. unclear what they're beginning there and cut a portion of this line. but the power is on on nebraska avenue. but when the tree came down in between the two houses, it sheared off a good part of the house that you can not see. it knocked down the chimney. there's a bunch of brakes out in the front lawn, and it looks like there's quite a bit of damage here to this house right of us. you can see on the roof it's exposed. and water is probably getting that house. unclear if the homeowners are here, if they know what is going on as far as their house is concerned. you would think if they were here or someone knew about this situation, they would be up there trying to get a tarp on top of that house. the other house we haven't been
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able to get up to because the tree is blocking the front door and police have put up some tape here preventing people from walking up. so very serious damage already with this big tree coming down on nebraska avenue. we've been out and about for a couple of hours. we've seen a lot of trees coming down around the area. the wind is kicking up in northwest washington. one other note, we just left over the -- i think it was the 5000 block of oregon avenue, right over there near saint john's college high. there's a horse barn off of oregon avenue. a big tree came down on top of the horse barn. we were not able to get any pictures. we were told by the park police that the horses were okay. none of the horses were harmed, no humans harmed; but significant damage to that barn. you can see the wind really, really whipping up here, a little bit dangerous if you don't say. i think we're going to just walk away and get away from
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this big tree, because the wind is really, really blowing here. but that's the latest what we have here, brian on nebraska avenue northwest. you can see a lot of power trucks now coming by us, as basically that's what we've got right here, brian. all right. paul. seeing a number of pictures coming into the newsroom, big trees being up rooted as you can expect. the wind is cumulative. the soil table is getting second with all this rain. it's going to knock some treeses will for sure. >> we've heard people giving out warnings saying as we go through the overnight hours as the winds pick up. you don't want to slope on the upper level of your house. i've heard different advice sleeping on the -- so take those warnings seriously as you hear more about that. be right back in just a second. but as we leave you for this quick break, live pictures of
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cape may new jersey. you can see the wind and the rain kicking up out there. the storm there expected to be i believe as high as 8 feet tall. we're going to continue tracking hurricane sandy, and we'll be right back. anncr: it's said that character is what we do...
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when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.

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